99AVANT is a creative art brand.

99AVANT was found by our hope that art would change the world through a transition of previous art paradigm. We have always dreamt about the world where more people can enjoy and recognize the true meaning of art.

'99' of 99AVANT means perpetuity, which represents the value of artwork that will last forever, at the same time it signifies the characteristic of producing 99 limited edition for each artwork.
'AVANT', which abbreviated from avant-garde in French, reveals our commitment to deny existing static markets and pave the way for new art trends.

99AVANT's artworks are limited productions. Only 99 pieces are made for each artwork as limited editions. All limited editions from 01 to 99 have unique numbers thus have genuine value as original works. On the back of each artwork, the artist's signature and the unique 8-digit AVA Code are imprinted, preventing from unauthorized reproduction of the artwork as well as protecting the original value.  99AVANT operates own auction based on the sales volume according to solid investment system. The auction runs once a certain artwork has been sold 20% out of the 99 pieces. Through this process, collectors will find full satisfaction from purchasing the artwork and the acknowledgment of the collector's refined discernment.



We are creative art group of philosopher, thinkers and creators. 


Artist      HAN S. W  Seoul/Korea

All artworks of 99AVANT are produced by our exclusive artist.
Ninety nine limited editions are produced just for 99AVANT collectors
with the most sensible language,

Space Consultant / Curator

We add philosophy of luxury to noble place of refined discernment. Meet our professional curatorial space consulting system of 99AVANT. It will draw more colorful scenes in your space. If you have any inquiries about places that require a hint of liveliness, we will give you an immediate suggestion for your space. We will place the best color for your space that blends collector's sensibility with 99AVANT. We hope that all the process of purchasing and receiving the artwork will be a precious experience for the collector,

Art Directing / Copywriting

99AVANT aims to produce more meaningful design and language to support the position that art has on this world. In order to provide a real experience of aesthetics to those who are craving for new media, 99AVANT presents a wide range of design works. To build an emotional intelligence, we always develop for better design and copywriting. 


There are infinite possibilities within our cohesive hands .  99AVANT is committed to collaborate for the highest value, We aim for creating beyond artistic meaning by collaborating with you.  99AVANT's new series of limited edition was created using the symbol of Glenmorangie as a giraffe, was first released at the launch site of Oak Sunglasses by Finlay & Co and Glenmorangie.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

+  Limited edition production

  • Is it possible to request for resizing the artwork?

    It is possible to expand the size only from C1 size(450mmX690mm) to A size(660mmX990mm). Even for this case, the basic conditions of limited edition remain unchanged, including the AVA code numbering and the handwritten signature. However, it is not possible to reduce the size or adjust the ratio of the artwork.

  • What is the method of the artwork?

    All 99AVANT artworks are done within the category of digital art. The artist expresses his artwork in a comprehensive work that encompasses areas of photography and drawing, such as digital painting and digital collage. It is possible to call this method as new area of art that digital technique combines with analogue sensitivities.
  • What materials are used for the printing process?

    99AVANT's artworks are all produced on the most fine quality of materials. We apply high quality pigment to our special canvas for an exclusive printer to produce digital prints that are the same as those of the original painting.
  • How can a limited edition print keep its original value?

    99AVANT provides an artist's handwritten signature and unique 8-digits of numbers(AVA Code) on each limited edition just as an original art piece of the artist. Therefore, it clearly gives a difference from imitation printing products that simply reproduce the original pictures.
  • How do I get the proof that you only produce 99 pieces?

    99AVANT is taking meticulous care of all of the collector's purchase information and assigning AVA Code within our system. Once we announce a certain limited edition is perfectly our of stock, you can simply check your brief information through our website(Shop page).

+  Art Solid Investment System / Auction

  • Why does 99AVANT's limited edition price increase?

    Since our artworks have limited quantities(99 pieces) to produce, the value of the artworks will increase as 20 pieces went sold.
  • What is an 'Art Solid Investment'?

    Solid investment system is a form of a safe investment without loss of principal. Art solid investment is a new concept that combines such form of investment with art.
    99AVANT is proving the true value of limited edition, which will be preserved as an artwork, to demonstrate the perpetual value of it.
  • Is it possible to resell 99AVANT's limited edition?

    It is possible to proceed with the transaction only for the sold-out limited editions.
    99AVANT is offering auction opportunity of limited edition through the intermediation between the customer who missed the opportunity to own the editions due to our limited quantity in production and the collector who wishes to sell the limited edition. Since this auction will process its transaction between the collector and the buyer, we suggest you to take enough time to consider it. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via phone call or email.

+  Installation

  • Can I hang the artwork on these following walls?
    • Cement wall:  It is possible to hang the artworks with a simple nailing on the wall.
    • Partition wall:  Simple nailing would work most of the times, but in order to hang the artwork more securely, we recommend to use a screw anchor while nailing on the wall.
    • Brick, tile, marble wall:  We highly recommend to use an exclusive drill blade to prevent damage to the wall.
    • Wire Installation:  If there is any difficult situation to nail directly on the wall, it is also possible to hang the artwork down from an installed rail by connecting the wire. (But we do not recommend to install the wire directly on the mouldings.)

* Damage may occur if the artwork is installed on a humid place, or be exposed on a direct sunlight for a long period of time. 

  • What are the cautions while handling the artwork?
    • When handling the artwork, do not lift the frame by holding it at the top of the artwork. Please gently lift the center of the wire on the back of the artwork. (For aesthetics and practicality reason, all frames are finished with thin and solid special-made aluminum frame. Due to the fact that the finishing material is thin and rigid, when holding the frame and lifting the artwork, there is a possibility the artwork may be disassembled.
    • The frame edge of the artwork is very sharp. Please be careful not to injure from the frame cut surface.


+  Paymnet

  • How can I make a purchase?

    Please visit our Shop page and place your order now.
  • What is my payment method?

    The payment can be made through Paypal.

+  Shipping

  • Domestic Shipping (Korea)

    Delivery Method: The delivery is made through domestic courier service [CJ Korea Express].
  • International Shipping
    • Delivery Method: The delivery is made through international delivery service by [EMS].
    • Shipping Costs: The collector will be responsible for the cost for international shipping. The shipping cost will differ according to the standards of [EMS] shipping rates (destination country, size and weight).
    • Custom Duties and Taxes: Almost all shipments crossing international borders are subject to the assessment of duties and taxes imposed by the importing country's government. Since we are not able to estimate the exact duty, you will not be charged at check out. However you may be charged at receiving the parcel.
    • Payment: All transactions are made through PayPal, and the final payment on the website is the total cost of the artwork and the shipping cost by country (The amount of the payment that we provide you for your total is the amount excluding the taxes).